Create Your NFT on Blockchain of Your Choice in Just 15 Minutes

Book One To One NFT Deployment Call with Ihor

We Will

  • Deploy your NFT smart contract on the blockchain of your choice!

  • Create a minting page which can be integrated with any website builders like WordPress, Wix, Webflow, etc.

  • Provide management panel to manage royalties, airdrops, whitelisting, entire launch

  • Setup your Opensea or other marketplace account

  • Let your customers pay the gas fees

This is a private "One to One Deployment Call" directly with Ihor Bodnarchuk, founder & CEO of Zero Code NFT. Ihor will guide you step by step to create and deploy your own NFT collection on the blockchain of your choice without coding!

He started diving into NFTs in the summer 2021 and by the end of the year he already launched 5 collections. He always looked for ways to automate NFT creation processes so that's why he started on this idea.

Here's What To Do Next...

You'll speak to him directly about any questions or concerns you may have about deploying your own smart contract.

1. Select a Date and Time That Works For You. This will be up to 15 minutes video chat session where Ihor will deploy your contract LIVE on call.

2. You will get the confirmation email & SMS after booking the call.

3. Write down all your your doubts about NFTs to discuss them in the meeting with Ihor & make sure you login at your requested time.

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